“Wildlife Drawings – The Art of Dean Richards”

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I am pleased to announce that my work will be featured in this upcoming exhibit at the Art Center – Old Forge.

The Art Center – Old Forge, “Where Art Meets the Outdoors” is dedicated to making the visual and performing arts an integral and accessible part of the lives of residents and visitors of the Adirondacks, inspired by and reflecting the beauty of our natural environment. The new facility is a LEEDS-certified, green-built and green-run building. The Art Center continues it’s long-established tradition and will host exhibits, performances, workshops and special events.

My work will be shown in the Foley Gallery of the Art Center from February 12th – March 12th and be complimented by the Regional Ceramic Exhibit.

This will mark the first major showing of my charcoal and graphite drawings of birds and animals of North America.  I’m very excited and honored to have been invited to be one of the first exhibitors in this new facility!  If you are in the region please stop in to visit the brand new building and take in the show.


Closer to the spray

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Progress shot at about 50% completion.

In this recent bit of work I was able to get more of the foreground rock formations closer to completion.  I don’t get to move very quickly on this drawing and don’t really want to.  It’s very relaxing just to move along at a comfortable pace.  With this type of detailed drawing it’s easy to get tired of all the fussy work.  I avoid that by only drawing when the mood strikes me and I’m ready for a diversion from my large charcoal works.  I have the luxury of time since there is no deadline involved.  I do have vague plans of entering this into the annual Adirondack exhibit at the Old Forge Arts Center this summer.  We’ll see.

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Lots of layering and cross hatching necessary as this work progresses.  One important part of the success of this drawing is this large granite slab that overhangs to such a degree that it casts a heavy shadow.  It’s vital that it looks like it has height and volume.  I enjoy this type of approach to drawing but only in small amounts at a time.  I enjoy the challenge of getting such realism with graphite pencil.  This is a large drawing so I’ll need lots of patience to see it to conclusion.  I’ll be pleased in the end I’m sure because I simply love this scene.

Finally started.

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Rainbow Falls beginning

I have finally started this drawing that I’ve planned for so long.  As a direct contrast to my approach to charcoal drawing I use an almost photograhic realism.  It is very slow going but enjoyable with regard to the technical aspect of drawing. Now that it is underway I hope to post frequently along with my blog “Burnt Wood and Natural Elements” where I have a large charcoal drawing in progress.

New Project

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© Dean T. Richards

© Dean T. Richards

© Dean T. RIchards

© Dean T. RIchards

My next project is something I’ve had in the works for the past few years waiting for the right time to start.  These two images are from the same falls and I intend to combine aspects of both into a new drawing.  Graphite pencil is the medium of choice for this piece.  It has been some time since I’ve used strictly pencil.  It will be a nice departure from my loose charcoal work of late.  I expect his will span over several weeks if not longer since I can just works bits at a time.  I’ll post progress shots as they emerge.  The two river otter will appear in the final composition so it will not be a pure landscape.  I have visited this set of falls many times since I was a kid and it has shown up in my work in the past.  It always provides endless inspiration.

“Sovereignty” finished!

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"Sovereignty"  24x48" Charcaol and carbon

"Sovereignty" 24x48" Charcaol and carbon

This drawing was finished while I vacationed in the 1000 Islands. Yeah, I love drawing enough to do it while on holiday! The next step will be to apply fixative and prepare it for varnish then scanning and print production. Prints should be available by the first week of September.

Halfway Point

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The shadow cast across the back of the bull really brought this to life for me I think. It really seems to have lit this up with full sun. Next to the dark background he looks very bright, just what I want.

The upper left corner gives an idea of where the background is heading. Rocks and brush with more in between the deer. As that develops I think they will stand out more. As I’ve mentioned before this will be a very strong contrast work with the sunlight being key to it’s success. Guessing I’m better than half way which is good since I have a September deadline for release of the limited edition. I love pressure.