New Project

© Dean T. Richards

© Dean T. Richards

© Dean T. RIchards

© Dean T. RIchards

My next project is something I’ve had in the works for the past few years waiting for the right time to start.  These two images are from the same falls and I intend to combine aspects of both into a new drawing.  Graphite pencil is the medium of choice for this piece.  It has been some time since I’ve used strictly pencil.  It will be a nice departure from my loose charcoal work of late.  I expect his will span over several weeks if not longer since I can just works bits at a time.  I’ll post progress shots as they emerge.  The two river otter will appear in the final composition so it will not be a pure landscape.  I have visited this set of falls many times since I was a kid and it has shown up in my work in the past.  It always provides endless inspiration.


~ by Dean Richards on September 2, 2009.

One Response to “New Project”

  1. We love your graphite drawing of Rainbow Falls with the river otters. We have 3 other of your drawings and would be interested when it is done.

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